This tab contains three parts:

Import raw data

This import system is no longer available.

The raw data is to be retrieved from the Kurviger site when you create a route. To do this, create a route, then in the left pane > Roadbook > Export Roadbook. In the window that appears, select the data and only the data.

You have the possibility of modifying the values of the distances without having to redo the whole roadbook. This can happen if you change a stage in Kurviger. To do this, check the Correction mode box and re-import the raw data. The values will be modified, the pictograms and the comments preserved.

Import raw data from a CSV file

Since June 2021, Kurviger has changed the way it exports data. They are no longer available from the raw text of the site but exportable in the form of a CSV file. It's really more practical even if I had to rework the code.

  • Get the CSV file from Kurviger, load the route and then: Export > Route Instructions (menu to the right of the route name).
  • In Roadbook Creator, Import > Import CSV File.

The roadbook will then be generated. The 'Distance correction' option is still functional. Eventually, the 'Generate the roadbook' button will disappear.

Import a project (.rbk)

Importing a project is reloading a roadbook that you previously saved. Refer to the Export page for more informations on .rbk files.

Import pictograms

Importing pictograms is now done with less constraint. After creating your pictograms with Picto Creator, all you have to do is import them by selecting them on your computer. The allowed image format changes from JPG to PNG. Maximum import at once: 50 images of 2MB each.


It is very important to select the category before sending your images. Otherwise, the image will not be taken into account. Note: This option will be available as long as the images are correct. You can import pictograms to personalize your roadbook. There are several constraints to respect: Only the .jpg format is authorized The images must not exceed 2 Mo (10 images maximum) The size is limited to 100px x 100px. An image whose name already exists will not be sent. To verify the existence of an image, refer to the list located at the very bottom of the tab. Type the name to find out if it already exists. Make sure you follow a certain name format to find it in the correct order in the image tabs. The formats are: The xxx represent the image number. * Direction pictograms - DIR-G-xxx for left-hand direction. - DIR-D-xxx for a direction to the right. - DIR-T-xxx for straight direction. * Pictograms of puzzles and waypoints - EN-xxx for puzzles - WP-xxx for waypoints * Pictograms of roundabouts - RP-Sx-xxx where Sx represents the exit number to take and xxx the exit number 'picture. For panels and elements, any name is valid, provided it does not exist.