ROADBOOK CREATOR currently supports 3 languages: French, English, German.

It is quite possible to create your own language file.

The translation files are located in the languages ​​ folder. For each available language, there is a Javascript file (for everything generated on the client side) and a PHP file (for all that is generated on the server side).

Implement a new language

To add a new language to the list, go to the file reglages.php then edit the variable $ langages_liste . For example if you want to add Spanish:

public $langages_liste = array ('Français' => 'fr_FR',
                                'English' => 'en_EN',
                                'Deutch' => 'de_DE',
                                'Español' => 'sp_SP');

Construction of translation files

Example for Spanish:

Once the language is implemented, all that remains is to create the files. Duplicate the file of your choice (JS and PHP) then rename them to sp_SP.js and sp_SP.php All that remains is to modify the values ​​to be translated.

<note important> It is imperative not to touch the variables themselves. Deleting a line or changing the name of a variable will cause the text to display incorrectly. </note>